You are our patient, customer and guest!

Our ultimate goal is to support you with our know-how, cordiality, and hospitality so that you are able to solely concentrate on your health and recovery.

  • Travel- and Visa arrangements: We assist you and your family members upon arrival and departure. If desired, we will arrange transport to and from your doorstep.
  • Accommodation: Even as an out-patient, we will arrange appropriate accommodation for you and your family.
  • Individualised treatment plan: Our doctors will study your documents and medical history. In co-operation with the specialists in your treating hospital will develop your personal treatment plan. Only after this has been scrutinised by our experts will the estimated cost of treatment be calculated.
  • Support during treatment: During your stay in Germany we will constantly offer you our assistance. We translate and mediate between you and medical staff.  Our doctors will assess diagnostic procedures and treatments and report their findings to you.
  • Cost controlling: We will audit your medical bills and advise you if you have been overcharged or falsely charged. If you wish, we will query these directly on your behalf.
  • Translation services: Our professional translators will be available to you at all times. Medical reports will be translated into your native language.
  • Concierge and VIP services: Our team is always happy to advise you in personal, non-medical affairs as well as to organise these for you. These include e.g. personal security, limousine services, leisure activities, shopping, fine dining, cultural activities etc.