You are important to us!

Our offer to you: We will accompany you every step of your way in finding a permanent position in Germany.

We will…

  • …meet you in your home country, in Germany or via the internet/Skype and compile a list of your personal data and wishes.
  • …draw up an individualised teaching plan once your vocational and language skills have been ascertained.
  • …prepare the necessary certificates and documents in your home country as well as in Germany which will allow your training to be recognised in Germany.
  • …assist you with your travel arrangements.
  • …provide initial translator services in your native language.
  • …provide optional board and lodging in company-owned apartments situated in close proximity to our training facilities.
  • …assist you in administrative matters and organise your first steps in Germany, e.g. local registration, medical insurance, and opening up a banking account.
  • …conduct German language courses to enable you to attain the language level B1/B2, the duration being dependent on your previous knowledge (estimated duration: 2-6 months).
  • …assist you in graduating with an internationally recognised German language certificate.
  • …conduct practical work-oriented training depending on your previous knowledge and your prospective employment.
  • …prepare job-related certified documents for your employer.
  • …visit your prospective workplace during training.
  • …assist you in finding accommodation close to your prospective place of work.
  • …provide personal supervision at work in agreement with your employer.
  • …provide optional on-the-job language training in agreement with your employer in preparation for the language examination needed for your nursing work permit.
  • …offer optional individualised follow-up training.

You wish to work as a qualified nurse in Germany? Invest in your future!